Cashify Promo Code 2020, Cashify Coupon Code 2020, Discount Offers

By | January 23, 2020
Cashify is a platform where you can convert your device/gadget into cash. Cashify Coupon Code If the device/gadget lying in your house is not working for you, then you can convert them into cash in a few simple steps. Cashify is an easy platform to get rid of old sans devices. The good thing about Cashify is that it promises real fast transactions, instant cash, here we will give you Cashify Promo Codes and Cashify Coupon Code 500, which you can get some percent (%) of your cash by using. You can also get 7 days money-back guarantee and 6 months warranty with our services for free.

Cashify Promo Code 2020, Cashify Coupon Code 2020, Discount Offers

Exclusive Coupon 

Exclusive Offer – Flat Rs 150 Extra Value



Exclusive Coupon 

Get Rs 100 Extra On Selling Your Mobiles



Exclusive Coupon 

Get Flat 5% Extra Value On Selling Your Old Devices



Best Picks

Vivo Exchange Offer – Get Headphones Worth Rs 1999


Cashify Coupons & Promo Codes

Best Price

Get Best Price On Selling Your Old Mobile @ Cashify


Best Price

Get The Best Price For Your Used Devices @ Cashify


Hot Deal

Cashify Anti Theft Service – Protect Your Phone On The Go Anywhere


Rs.200 OFF

Get Rs 200 more On Selling Your Smartphone



Rs.100 OFF

Sell Your Used Mobile & Get Rs 100 Extra



Rs.150 OFF

Apple Mobiles – Get Rs 150 Extra



Rs.100 OFF

Xiaomi Mobiles – Get Rs 100 Extra



5% OFF

Get 5% Extra On The Buyback Price For Your Old Mobile



Rs.100 OFF

App Offer – Get Extra Rs 100 On Your Old Mobiles


Cashify Customer Care Number- Cashify Contact Number

Call: 7290068900 

Sell Queries: [email protected]

Repair Queries: [email protected]

Address to CEO: [email protected]

Bulk Selling: [email protected]

Cashify Partner Program: [email protected]

Business Inquiry: [email protected]

Job Inquiry: [email protected]

Cashify Office Address-

Corporate Office:
3rd & 5th Floor, Plot No-54, Sec-44, Gurgaon- 122003
Registered Office:
Manak Waste Management Pvt Ltd. Mez & 1st Floor, A-83, Okhla Industrial Area, Okhla Phase II, New Delhi-110020, India
Banglore Office:
Manak Waste Management Pvt Ltd 1st & 2nd floor, No 132, Wheeler Rd, Cox Town, Karnataka, Bangalore – 560005.
Kolkata Office:
7th Floor, 2, Agrawal House, ST. GEORGES GATE ROAD, HASTINGS, Kolkata, Kolkata, West Bengal, 700022
Bihar Office:
30 Nalanda Residence D.R.T.N. Road Opp M.L.A. Quarter No 6, Chajju Bagh Patna, Bihar-800001

Cashify Promo Code 2020 | Cashify Coupon Code 500 | Discount Offers 2020

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